Sefer Hamidos on Tzedaka

All the charity and kindness that the Jewish People do in this world brings great peace and the creation of angelic advocates between the Jewish Nation and their Father in Heaven.
Sefer Hamidos Tzedaka

“Great is charity for it brings closer the Final Redemption.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka

“Great is Tzedaka, as it saves from death.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 3

Great is charity that it causes the receiving of the Divine Presence
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 4

“Great is charity because one becomes a lender to Hashem”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 5

“Great is charity because it causes a person’s luck to rise”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 6

“Great is charity because [when a person gives charity] he is called a ‘Complete Tzadik”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 7

“Through charity, a person receives the ability to refrain from doing bad.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 8

“It is a greater Mitzvah (good Torah deed) to provide food for those who are engaged in Torah study, than for those who do not engage in Torah study. However, from the standpoint of Halacha (religious law), there is no (grounds) to differentiate..”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 9

One who gives charity to a poor person who is not worthy, is not rewarded for it”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 12

“It is necessary to be appreciative to one who gives you charity, and you should not say that he did not give you of his own.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 13

“Charity is equivalent in its importance to all the other commandments combined.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 14

“One who collects charity and causes another to give charity, is greater than the giver.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 15

“Every penny and penny (of charity one gives) get added together into a large sum..”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 16

“One who gives charity in a hidden manner is greater than Moshe Rabbanue (Moses).”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 17

“One who gives a coin to a poor person is blessed with six blessings, and one who comforts him is blessed with eleven blessings.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 18

“One who pursues opportunities to give charity, Hashem provides him with money, and provides him with upright people in need of charity, in order that he should gain reward from giving charity to them. He  will merit having children who are wealthy, wise, and masters of Aggadah.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 19

“On Rosh HaShana, man is judged how much money he will lose that year. If he merits, he ends up giving that money to the poor..”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 20

“Jerusalem is redeemed through charity.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 21

“Through charity, Achav (one of the Kings of Israel) was forgiven half (of his sins).”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 22

“Hospitality protects one from the (punishment of the) sin of idolatry. .”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 23

“Great is hospitality, since it makes those who are close (to holiness) distanced (if they do not give), and brings near (to holiness) those who are distant.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 24

“When the people do not give charity, the government passes harsh decrees and takes their money..”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 26

” One should give charity with both hands [which causes] his prayer to be heard.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 27

“Through generosity you will have a standing (continuous existence /  stature).”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 28

“Through charity comes faith.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 29

“One who goes out (travels to collect) for the benefit of charities, lessens rage from the world.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 30

“One who goes out (travels to collect) for the benefit of charities, merits to truth.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 31

“Through charity, you will have children, and there will be peace between them.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 32

“Through charity, the fruit grow well.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 33

“. Through charity, one draws salvation close.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 34

” In a time of trouble, the charity one did is remembered for him.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 35

“Through the charity you give, officials and kings will also have peaceful relations with you.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 36

“Through charity a person will not hear (know) from theft, armed pillage, or hunger.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 37

“Through charity a person merits grace.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 38

“One who urges people to give charity increases salvation.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 39

“When there is not someone in a city to support the needy, fire comes upon it.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 40

“In the merit of charity, one is saved from arrogance.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 41

“Faith is reckoned as charity.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 42

“Through charity given for the sake of Heaven, one comes to the attribute of [holy] shame..”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 43

“Through generosity one comes to love the tzaddikim.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 44

“One who steals from the poor, humiliation comes to him.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 45

” One who gives charity is as if he offered a sacrifice.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 46

” Through charity comes rain.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 47

” Through charity the Jews are not banished from their place”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 48

” When people give charity, the fruits are blessed and there is peace in the world. ”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 49

“Through truth, the charity you do is noted (lit. seen). ”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 50

One who prays for his friend, it is considered as if he gave charity.
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 52

“One who is materially well-off, and despite that, is miserly (literally, a bad eye) toward the poor who approach and beg him (literally, stretch out their hands) to give them; also, one who provides funding for a venture for half the profits, and they work and bring him his half, and when he sees that they are profiting and have an income and enough to suffice, he is irked by this due to his miserliness (literally, bad eye) – on these will be fulfilled the prophecy beginning after the verse “In the fulfillment of his needs” until “This is the portion of a wicked man.” (Iyov 20:22-29. See there, the Divine wrath rains down upon him etc.)”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 53

“One who does kindness to those who love the Blessed G-d, through this he repairs the defiling of the covenant (i.e. any impure thoughts, speech, or actions).”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 54

” In the merit of the poor, we are saved from the nations”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 55

“When you do a Mitzvah (a positive commandment or good deed), see to it that the Mitzvah is not for free, but that you pay with a full purse.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 56

“Due to the sin of not giving the trumah and maaser (portions and tithes given to the priests, leviites, and poor), the Heavens are held up and there is strong inflation.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 57

“The joy one feels in giving charity is a sign of a whole heart. ”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 58

“Give charity while you still have (the opportunity; that you) found [a befitting recipient], and you have [the money to give], and you are still in your own hands. ”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 59

“All who give their gifts (exclusively) to a specific Cohen (one of the Priestly tribe), bring famine to the world.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 60

“One who provides merchandise for Torah scholars to profit from, merits to sit in the Yeshiva of Heaven.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 61

” Charity is greater than all the sacrificial offerings.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 62

“Doing acts of kindness is greater than giving charity.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 63

“Lest you [err and] say that anyone who jumps to give charity, he is afforded the means, and is afforded with with proper (needy) people (to whom to give)—the Torah says, “How precious…”, [meaning] one needs to labor and chase after them, for (the proper poor) they are not readily found, to merit (giving charity) with the proper (poor).”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 64

“Charity is in two areas: According to one’s generosity, and according to what God has blessed with him. ”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 65

“One who has (money), but does not want to use his own money for his expenditures, and he receives (money) from others, know that they will collect from him after his death; and he will become a slave to one from whom he took.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 66

“One who gives charity, even still it is possible that he will become impoverished.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 67

” Anyone who averts their eyes from (seeing the need) to give charity, it is as if he is serving idolatry.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 68

“One who shears his possessions [to give charity] is saved from the judgment of Hell.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 69

“Even a poor person should give charity, and he will not see further signs of poverty.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka 70

“Through impurity one falls into imprisonment or diseases causing feet pain. This also happens to a student who has not reached the level of being able to rule, and rules. Also evil spirits attack (dominate) him. Charity has the segulah (auspicious quality) to annul all these punishments. .”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka B 1

” [Learning] Torah, [giving] Maser, and [keeping] the Shabbat give physical life as well [i.e. in addition to other benefits]. ”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka B 2

“Through charity, with simple effort he subdues his enemies, and the Holy Blessed One saves him from grand schemes of his enemies.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka B 3

“To aid Torah scholars, with this he annuls the ruling of the stars and constellations.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka B 4

“Through those who support the poor, the masses are saved from plagues, in their merit. Also in their merit, expanded consciousness precedes constricted consciousness.”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka B 5

“Through charity, one sweetens the judgment of the Time to Come, that is, the Day of Judgment in the Time to Come. ”
Sefer Hamidos – Tzedaka B 6

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