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Testimonial from:

Mordechai R


Testimonial from:

Yakov L

Beit Shemesh, IL

” I’ve personally witnessed distribution of funds to needy people and seen the happiness and sense of renewal it brought them. I know the founder and can confidently vouch for the funds commitment that 100% of the donations go to needy people, all overhead is covered with the time and money of the individuals volunteering for the fund. I choose to donate to Yesod Yosef for this reason.”
Testimonial from:

Binyamin R

Beit Shemesh, IL

” I’ve been donating to Yesod Yosef since its early days. The few times that I’ve been in Tzfas has shown me that tzedaka is in need for many in that city. I generally like to donate right before holidays when money is most needed. I especially enjoy donating Chanuka time when Yesod Yosef has their annual Chanuka gift drive where they give toys out to many poor children in Tzfas. One of the many reasons I really like to donate towards this organization is that I know 100% of my money is being given directly to families in need and not going towards random expenses such as secretaries, fundraiser commissions and other regular organization expenses. Keep up the good work, tizku l’mitzvot! “
Testimonial from:

Zev R

Lakewood, NJ

I highly recommend contributing to Yesod Yosef. Yesod Yosef has faithfully distributed my tzedakah and kimcha depischa in Eretz Yisroel to worthy families, seriously serving Hashem. All of Yesod Yoseph’s work is done on a volunteer basis (great team of volunteers) and all funds go to the families. Yesod Yosef offers rare opportunities to participate in very high tzedakah all L’Shem Shamayim.

Testimonial from:

Boruch F

Brooklyn, NY

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