Weekly Yesod Yosef Summery
B”H Yesod Yosef distributed Shabbos assistance to 17 poor families.

Prayers by the Tzadikim
Donors were prayed for by the Kivarim of Rebbe Pinchas ben Yair, Rebbe Dosa ben HurkanusBinayahu ben Yehoyada  and Binyamin HaTzadik.

This is aside from the name lists that are given along with each distribution and are likely to be mentioned by our recipients at many other Kivrei Tzadikim.

Weekly Tzedaka Torah
“One who is materially well-off, and despite that, is miserly (literally, a bad eye) toward the poor who approach and beg him (literally, stretch out their hands) to give them; also, one who provides funding for a venture for half the profits, and they work and bring him his half, and when he sees that they are profiting and have an income and enough to suffice, he is irked by this due to his miserliness (literally, bad eye) – on these will be fulfilled the prophecy beginning after the verse “In the fulfillment of his needs” until “This is the portion of a wicked man.” (Iyov 20:22-29. See there, the Divine wrath rains down upon him etc.)”
Sefer Hamidos, Tzedaka 53

We see here it is not good to be miser.

Shabbos Collection
Help Yesod Yosef maintain our current Shabbos distribution and give us the ability to add even more needy families B”H. Now you can sponsor a family for only $110 a month. Yesod Yosef is a great address for your Masser money : )

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